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Day 80: Preparing for Space

by Ernest O'Neill

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As we begin to glimpse the vastness and mystery of a universe that seems to be expanding faster and faster every minute, we can see how our Creator’s commission to the human race to develop the earth can be a forerunner of a commission to develop the vast space of the universe itself.  

Just as time and space seem to change and vary, so material and spiritual realities may vary in the infinite space that exists beyond our planet.  So it is not unreasonable to see our relatively short time on earth as the preparation for our Creator’s plan for the vast universe itself.

How then do we live?  Accept that God knows all that he has made.  He knows also all the consequences that will follow from all the actions that we human-beings may freely choose to take - as we ignore him and try to use the world to supply the love that he alone can give.

Now here’s the good news - above time and space he has rectified in his Son all of the resulting desecration in us and the fabric of the earth, and He can now actualize it through you and me in time.  So our Creator’s Son has lined up circumstances today in which he may be able through your mind and will to bring the order and peace of God to the earth.

As you experience here on earth in time the destruction and recreation of your world-dependent personality, you begin to understand the steadfast love and heart of your creator and share his tenderness and care for his creation.  So here in your life on earth you can allow his son’s spirit to apply this insight to your daily work and life.  In this way you start the super-human life that will burst into full maturity in the new life after death.

As you live then in the future life where he has placed you at his right hand in his Son, you will be able to understand his mind and execute his will - however complex and remote the galaxies may be.  Your own unique mind will be so enlarged and energized by his Son’s that life itself will seem to lift you into a higher sense of being that has no limitations.

In this infinite existence there is no thought of endless space but rather a peace and joy of intimate and loving relationships and harmony.

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