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Living Daily in Reality is affiliated with Christian Corps International (CCI) in England and the USA.

Christian Corps International was founded in 1970 by Rev. Ernest O'Neill, who still leads this work from our US headquarters
in Raleigh, NC. Many of his talks and sermons can be found at www.worldinvisible.com.

Ernest W. O'Neill was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1934 and educated at Queen's University, where he received a degree in English Literature - Stranmillis Training College, where he obtained a teaching diploma - and Edgehill Theological Seminary, where he received a degree in theology. After teaching English at Methodist College, he was ordained to the Methodist ministry in Ireland in 1960 and served churches there and in London, England before moving to the United States in 1963.

Ernest O'Neill pastored Methodist churches in Minneapolis for three years and taught English in a Christian Brothers' School for four years. He preached in Bethany Presbyterian Church at the University of Minnesota for four years. Then in 1970, he founded Campus Church in Minneapolis, an independent, non-denominational body, to demonstrate the intellectual validity and spiritual reality of Jesus Christ on a secular campus. It was here that he preached many of the talks available on this website.

The main emphasis of his ministry is to enable Jesus' Spirit to speak to ordinary people through ordinary businesses. This ministry is therefore self-supporting (we do not accept or solicit donations) and is also carried out through radio broadcasts,
literature publication and websites.

Reverend O'Neill's theological orientation is conservative evangelical, with emphasis on the personal life of victory made possible by the power of the Holy Spirit. His preaching is strongly expository with the reasoned apologetic emphasis necessary in a world that is increasingly sceptical of religious talk without a changed life.

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