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Day 16: Living Daily in Reality: God's Forbearance

by Ernest O'Neill

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We have been talking about what reality truly is, and we've said in these first fifteen segments that the most cohesive and believable explanation seems to come from a unique human being who lived in the first century of our era - a man known in history as Jesus of Nazareth. Through his own words and his life (that continued even after he was executed) he told us that we were actually made by his Father in the eternity or infinity that our scientists have glimpsed through Einstein's theory of relativity. He said that His Father made us inside him because he wanted us to share the life and free will that he himself had.

We, of course, have had no interest in doing that and instead have tried to get satisfaction from the planet on which he has placed us. However, the Creator knows what he has made, and he foresaw the Catch 22 we would get ourselves into - using the gift of free will to reject the only source of life there is and thus putting ourselves in the kind of world we have since created. The longer this world goes on, the more it becomes a hell that utterly contradicts and destroys the heaven of love and peace that Jesus and the Creator enjoy together.

Only now do we see why we were made inside this son of our Creator - He is in each one of us and is the urge to goodness that even the worst of us feel at times. He said " you in me and I in you" - in other words this creator of ours has resolved to stay with us - to continue to put up with what we do and say even though it is a daily agony for him as we trample on others and are trampled ourselves. Nevertheless our Maker has resolved to continue inside us until we turn from our temporary sources of love and at last believe that he is. All the time His Son endeavors to live in us and through us the life that each of us were made for - this explains, of course, why we all do good at times even in the midst of the selfishness by which we try to destroy everything but ourselves. It also explains why the world is an increasing hell lightened at times by its original beauty and serenity.

But why does our creator allow even his own life to be imperilled by us ? Because he himself made us out of love for us and a desire that we would experience the same love - freely because we chose it NOT because we couldn't do otherwise. That basic fact is how we know that even his foreknowledge of what we will do is used by his providence in such a way that the choice is ours. He will not force us against our wills - otherwise his very love is limited. So - day by day - a loving father knows every move you will make and does everything possible to guide you through his son's attitude within you BUT he will not force your will. What is the result of this reality in your life ? Let's talk about that tomorrow.

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