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Day 18: Living Daily in Reality: A New Kind of Life

by Ernest O'Neill

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Reality is that God made you as part of his Son who lived here on the earth as Jesus of Nazareth in the first century. He existed in eternity outside our time-space world - and you were created inside him there. He had his own physical body then, but now he exists in your body to do certain things his Father has planned for you. This is what his apostle Paul wrote to the people in Ephesus in 52 a.d. "we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that he has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them".

God wants us to follow his son's directions within us; but his love for you is real - so he has committed himself to bear whatever you choose or whatever you reject ! That's why an old prophet wrote "the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning". But the creator has planned the life his Son wishes to live in you, so he has kept you within himself so that (like a mother with an unborn child) he bears all your sins - feels all your hatreds and pains, resentments and embarrassments. And all the time he endeavors to draw you into fulfilling his plan for you - creates circumstances and opportunities wherever he can without coercing the human will.

This was the meaning of his Son's crucifixion in Jerusalem - it was really the physical expression in time-space of his own agony throughout all the centuries - a declaration that he would bear what we inflicted - up to death itself. Past that he could not go or all would cease to exist !

This then is who you are and who Jesus Christ is ! He is not only a prophet - not a mantra or magic word that gets you into some religious club or church - not a mere historical figure to imitate or study. He is the one in whom you exist - his breath is what keeps you alive - his energy circulates your blood - by his continued good will, you continue to exist ! And every moment he stands quietly by your side - remaining in the shadows until you acknowledge him.

Far from being a nobody - you are part of the Maker of the universe - because he made you in his own son. Of course, because God made you, he knew you would choose to depend on yourself and others, and would become a pathetic, fearful or defiant parody of what he himself is; so we would see this, he has allowed us to become that in our present life. But because he is infinite and sees all the past and the future as one present moment, he bore in his son the temporal, self-absorbed personality of all of us and made us again as we were in the beginning - part of himself and his son. Because of this action of his, we can live in that reality here in the midst of time and space - the moment we accept this reality mentally and volitionally, we are translated into the eternal life of Christ.

How does this life in reality differ from the life most of us live day by day? Let's talk now about that.

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