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Day 24: Living Daily in Reality: Time and Eternity

by Ernest O'Neill

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Reality is that you and I were made to enjoy the same kind of life as the son of the creator of the universe. We weren't made to live the little pokey, petty, self-centered life that many of us drift into. We were made to be actual willing containers or cohabitants with God's own son in our personalities. When we refuse that, we become uncontrollable egotistic dictators who want what we want - even if it destroys others' freedom and happiness. This explains why we destroy our marriages, kill each other, make life hard for one another, grab whatever we want when we want it, and generally turn ourselves into anti-social morons.

Our maker has not been caught out by this - he knew what he had made and he foreknew what we would do with our free wills. This is why he made us in his own son - so that we would continue to exist despite our contempt for him. He himself resolved to bear in himself and his son our hostile attitude and pride while we continued to exist in the mess we made of his world. This was not just to punish us as we have punished him but so that we would see and experience what life without him is like. That's why this world is so chaotic - he made it good - we've made it bad - with our selfishness and ill-treatment of the world itself. So the present earth gives us a clear picture of what life on our own would be while life lived by our maker's son in us is the reality that exists in eternity - in the timeless, space-less world of infinity that modern physics is beginning to point to. That is reality - and we move into it the moment we believe it and act accordingly.

In other words, unreality is the present life of the world that is governed by human irresponsibility and selfish will; it is life without God. Reality is the life in his son that God made us for and this life really does exist in this present moment of eternity. The only way to bring eternity into time is to believe the fact that it is reality and to live accordingly. Only then is the life of the creator's son experienced by you and me. The life we live now is like the shadow or cinder-life that appeared a second after the nuclear explosion - it can be shattered by touching it. Which is why Paul wrote in Romans 6:11 "consider yourselves dead to sin (life without God) and alive to God in Christ Jesus" and in Colossians 3:3 "for you have died, and your life is hid with Christ in God".

There are two versions of you - so that you can choose which you want. Your present life is the one you live yourself and the one our creator permits for us so that we see that option plainly, but the real one exists now in eternity and is experienced the moment you really embrace it in our maker's son. How do you embrace it ? Let's talk about this next time.

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