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Day 53: Living Daily in Reality: Escaping From Our Present Predicament

by Ernest O'Neill

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Our Creator has made us part of his only Son, and he has given his son the task of filling this planet with his Father’s life through each one of us.   But we must will to do that or make his Son suffer through us the nothingness of living off an empty planet.  Our Maker foresaw what we would do and chose to bear it in his Son until we would choose reality.

The chaos of this planet and the corruption of our own nature is the nothingness that exists outside God.   As we try to get people’s approval and a feeling of security from possessions instead of from our Maker’s love, world chaos grows and our personalities are increasingly twisted out of shape.   Outside time – in the infinity of space suggested by our latest space-shots – God ended all this in his Son, so that inside time He is able make us new.   So each of us is faced with the choice that we simplified in the diagram last time.

But nothing can make up for the unique expression of God’s Son in you that makes you different from every other human being that has existed or will exist. God saw all of this as it occurred in his only Son, and knew that only he (the original maker) could reproduce his Son’s image in you.   This he did in that eternal millisecond when you became part of his workmanship in Christ Jesus.   In other words, our Maker has allowed us to see in our present life what life apart from him is like but has concomitantly – at the same time in a ‘parallel universe’ – re-created us so that His son can live in us the life His father planned.   Only our Maker himself can actualize this eternal life here in time - because it involves the miracle of remaking his son in us.    This is why we face such frustration with our self-help, self-improvement programs – the change needed is radical and can be wrought only by the Creator himself.   This is what he has done – above time – in eternity or infinity – much as our quantum physicists talk about parallel universes and quanta that can be in two states at the same time.  So our Maker inspired Paul to write “have this mind in you which you have in Christ Jesus” implying that there are two versions of you – and it’s possible to live in one or the other. 

Although our Maker has power over everything, He will not act against your will – He will allow us even to kill his only Son so that we can choose between nothingness and his Son living a unique expression of himself in you.  This is why you were made – to be and do something that God’s son can only do and be in you.   That’s why you are here.  It’s also why you are where the Creator himself has placed you – “God, who is rich in mercy, out of the great love with which he has loved us, even when we were dead in our sins (dead to him in our independence of him) made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved) and made us sit with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus”.   This is our real, permanent position, from which we are intended to live our unique life here on this planet.

This life – lived from the inside out – is the life we’re talking about living in reality! But we, of course, have effectively mutilated Christ’s nature in us so only our Father can re-create that nature within us just as only He could raise Jesus from the dead.  So each one of us – you, too – have a unique life to live as Our Creator’s Son within us guides us.   He Himself is within you as you are within Him, but like the rest of us you now know some of the ways His nature within you have become corrupted by the outside-inside life you have lived so far.   As you have uniquely crucified Him within you, so only His Father can re-create His Son within you as you accept the crucifixion of that old self of yours which occurred in Him in eternity.   No psychiatrist or self-improvement book can re-create the Son of God within you; and only you can discover and express the new personality that God has already resurrected in eternity.

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