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Day 59: Living Daily in Reality: New World – New You

by Ernest O'Neill

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Our Maker wants to fill his universe with beings like himself who give and receive his love and life.  They can be like him only if they are free not to be like him, so he has made them part of his only Son so that he can bear the nothingness they choose yet have the opportunity to acquiesce in their recreation in him.  This is why we find ourselves in a world that has suffered at our hands - (which have corrupted themselves in the process).

Our Creator wants children who can love and whom he can love, but real love can come only from a free will.   So God made us part of his only Son so that He himself could bear the effects if we chose to love ourselves rather than him.   Our present world and we ourselves are part of the effects of our self-love.   Both have become corrupted as we have used the world for ourselves rather than developed it for its maker.   God has borne the consequences of this independence in his son, destroyed and remade it in the eternity of a parallel universe, and allowed us to see a slow-motion replay here on earth.   We’re here so that we can make a real choice between that eternal life and this present one.  Whenever we try by our own efforts to change the present fallen nature of ourselves and our world we face the fact that only the Creator can remake the mass of short-circuits that we have developed between ourselves and the world.  

As we try to let his only Son develop the world through us as God had planned, we find we have so corrupted our nature that our minds and emotions won’t yield to the spirit of God’s son within us. Although we try to trust God who feeds the birds and clothes the flowers, we find we still count up our bank account when we’re worried about money.   We want to let the faith of the son of God direct our minds and wills, but they’re so dominated by what the outside world is doing that we can’t.  Even though God foresaw all this and graciously remade us in the cosmic death and resurrection of his Son, He waits patiently for us to see that need and turn from our self-will to his will: this makes sense of all our present day-to-day experiences.

Divorce causes pain for children and loneliness for adults in almost half our marriages today.   It happens because we think marriage is for our benefit – for our comfort, prosperity, and happiness.   But it was devised by God so that we would fill the earth and subdue it – and would become like Him in the process.  That’s exactly what is happening when our partner does not understand us or the children annoy us: Christ within us nudges us to love and be patient, but we feel we should not have to put up with this kind of injustice.   In our cosmic death and resurrection in Christ our old self was destroyed and we can simply accept the opposite alternative version of ourselves that now exists.   But we will not bow our wills because we keep believing that this world and we ourselves are the way we were meant to be.   We are not.   We have become the opposite, but the original version is available if we simply choose it – it’s Christ as he wants to be – in us!

Then begins our part in the mighty act whereby our Maker breaks the barrier of time and translates us into the reality of eternal life where He from the beginning created you as He meant you to be. That is, of course, as part of his only Son so he would live with your acquiescence the life that He planned from before the creation of the world.   This makes you part of a glorious “team” of individual beings that enjoy the unequalled freedom of a human family whose Father owns the universe and who have been equipped to enjoy it and develop it for Him.   This reality will begin to show through in this life as soon as you die with Christ to your great rights and let your Creator determine how much of your partner’s rights can be trusted in His hands and  not yours.

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